About Fire Creek

Once built, Fire Creek will blend in well with the Gotha area. Currently, the property, which sits on the far western edge of Gotha abutting Ocoee, features a former citrus grove with dilapidated and dying orange trees and waste-high weeds throughout the property.

Fire Creek will be a small, low-density neighborhood that our residents will be proud of. It features significant, natural landscaping and an equestrian-style fence along Moore Road. Only nine houses will be built along Moore Road and even they will be hidden behind the existing oak canopies and lush landscaping.

A huge effort has been made to preserve the old-growth oaks, a centerpiece of Gotha, with seven parks and green spaces centered around them to preserve and beautify the area.

Fire Creek will be “green certified,” helping preserve the environment as every home will be up to 30 percent more energy efficient than current federal guidelines. It will also utilize rainwater for landscaping, reducing the amount of water pulled from our precious aquifer.

With just 53 homes overall and fewer than two homes per acre, Fire Creek is a significant improvement on what has been built in this area recently. After all, the development to the west is five house per acre. The development to the north is two houses per acre. Fire Creek, on the other hand, is fewer than 1.8 homes per acre.

While Fire Creek will have minimal impact on the area roads and schools, Bob Holston has a personal and touching story about the dangers of the roads in Gotha. Like many who drive Park Ridge Gotha Road, Bob has had several near collisions. But, when he found out a friend of his next door neighbor was paralyzed from an accident at that intersection, he knew something needed to be done.

That’s why he will build two roundabouts in Gotha at this intersection and at the intersection of 6th Street and Hempel Avenue as part of the Fire Creek improvements. The U.S. Department of Transportation has proven that roundabouts save lives, with a 90 percent reduction in fatalities where they are put in. The U.S. DoT shows they slow drivers and reduce crashes by 35 percent.

These improvements will keep traffic in Gotha moving with calming traffic control devices, while making the roads safer now, and into the future, for adults and children.

In a discussion with Bob concerning Gotha, he stated: “We, as a community, have an obligation to make our area safer and less problematic for our fellow residents. Fire Creek is a great example of letting development pay its way, give back to the community and do that in a responsible and thoughtful way to preserve and enhance the surrounding area. I am quite proud to be a part of it.”

By keeping the old-growth oaks, adding in lush landscaping and green spaces, and the addition of traffic-calming roundabouts, Fire Creek will ensure Gotha remains the place we all love.

You can learn more about Fire Creek in our Power Point, found here.

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