What can you do?

If Fire Creek is not developed, Gotha will not remain the same. Traffic will increase. As Orange County loses two key supporters of Gotha, other, higher-density uses may come forward. You can help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Fire Creek is truly sensible development which pays its way and gives back to the community, now and in the future, with enhancements the county will not and can not afford to do.

Show your support for Fire Creek today by doing the following:

First, reach out our county commissioner, Scott Boyd, and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs with a simple email saying you support Fire Creek. You can email Commissioner Boyd here and Mayor Jacobs here.

You can write your own comments or use one of our sample letters of support. Click here and then copy and paste from our website

Second, send us a note saying you support Fire Creek by filling out the form on the side of this page. We can provide you with a sample letter, but just a quick note to us with your address will suffice.

Third, share with your neighbors the facts about Fire Creek. You can find a sample letter to send to your friends and neighbors here.

Finally, plan on attending the Board of County Commissioners meeting when it is up for approval.

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